How do your GPS products work?
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide location system that can determine exact geographic location using established satellite technology. The system is made up of a network of satellites orbiting Earth working together with monitoring stations on the ground operated by the U.S. Department of Defense. The U.S. government provides access to the GPS system free of charge for use by companies with GPS enabled devices, so we all share the same information. A GPS receiver (like those found in Soleus devices) can calculate its position to an accuracy of approximately 10 meters based on the available location data being transmitted. When you are ready to run using a Soleus GPS device, (once you are outside within clear range of the satellites) simply enable your GPS mode (standing still helps locate a signal much quicker), and once a signal is discovered, start your workout

I cannot get a GPS signal
Take your GPS watch outdoors and away from trees and tall buildings. Remain stationary and try acquiring GPS signal again. Be sure that the antenna is pointing towards the sky for better signal reception.

I need help setting/setting up my new Soleus watch.
Start by checking out the Full User Manual, Quickstart Guide and the Youtube videos on this page.

The battery of my watch not charging .
Please check if the 4 pins on the charging cable align with the 4 charging pads on the back of your device property. If the watch starts charging, the battery level indicator will appear on the screen. Please also check if your the output current of your USB power adapter is too weak (which happens mainly with USB adapters in the early days), or try a different adapter.

The battery indicator does not seem to be accurate
Allow your GPS watch to fully discharge and then fully charge it without interruption. It is recommended to regularly recharge your battery every 1- 2 months even if it is not used to maintain good battery condition.

Can I reset the watch?
You can reset the watch by pressing S1, S5, S7, and S11 together. The date and time will be reset to default values. You can set it again manually or automatically thru GPS.

Will my data and personal settings be lost after watch reset?
Your data and personal settings are saved in the flash memory and will not be lost after watch reset.

Can I wear my watch in the water?
Please refer to this chart for recommended activities based on water resistance

What is your warranty policy?
Any watch bought from our retailers in Hong Kong will carry one-year's local warranty from us. Your watch is warranted to be free of defects in materials or workmanship, under normal use, for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Warranty coverage is valid only with proof of purchase from an authorised Soleus dealer. This warranty does not apply to the battery, watch band or crystal and excludes cosmetic issues or damage resulting from normal wear, accidents, improper care, modification, unauthorized repairs, or other causes which are not defects in materials and workmanship.

If your watch has a covered defect, repair or replacement of any part deemed necessary under this warranty shall be at the sole discretion of Soleus or its authorised agent. We reserve the right to refuse either repair or replacement (but not both) if the cost of doing so would be disproportionate to the defect. This limited warranty is in place of all other express and implied warranties of any kind, which are hereby excluded.

In no event shall Soleus be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of the watch, and any recovery is limited to the purchase price. No other person or company is authorised to change this limited warranty, and your dealer is solely responsible for any other warranties.

There is something wrong with my Soleus watch, how can I get it fixed?
If your watch is still under warranty, please contact us and we will arrange for the service and repairs.

What is Soleus Sync?
Soleus Sync is the software program for uploading training data from your watch to a computer for storage and analysis. To upload the data to the computer, you need to download the Soleus Sync software before you can connect your watch to the computer using the Soleus Sync cable privded (the same cable for charging the battery of your watch).

Apart from viewing your data on your computer, you can also upload the data to Strava to view your running data and maps on your computer and smart phones (iphone or Android phones). You also need to create an account (free account is available)on Strava before you can upload and view the data.

During installation of Soleus Sync
*If a setup.exe window opens asking you to "run" or "save", click "run".
*If a setup.exe "is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer" window opens, do the following:
- Click "actions"
- Click "run anyway"
If an "application install-security warning" window opens, click INSTALL

Connecting the USB cable to your watch
Make sure that the 4 pins on the charging cable align with the 4 charging pads on the back of your device. You should be able to see the charging screen on your watch if you align correctly.

During Soleus Sync data fetching
If Soleus Sync has any issues fetching the activity from your device, close the application and re-open it.

Syncing with STRAVA
Only GPS enabled files will sync to STRAVA.

If you press the Reauthorize button it will "forget" your authorization to and prompt you again next time.

If the application tells you to REFRESH but is unable to fetch data from your device after you click REFRESH:
- Click EXIT to close the application;
- Disconnect the USB cable from your computer (leave the device connected to the cable)
- Reconnect the USB cable to your computer.

Can't find your answer here?
Please contact us and we are happy to help.


Full User Manual
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Full User Manual
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Full User Manual
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GPS Pulse
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Quickstart Guide

Download Soleus SYNC Software and Instructions

STRAVA (you need to create a user account before you can update data to it from Soleus Sync software)
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Using the watch
Viewing and deleting data
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